The important church activities are given below.
9.30 Am - Every Sunday (Malayalam Service)
7.30Am - IIIrd Sunday Holy Communion
9.30Am - IIIrd Sunday Matins
7.30 Am - Every Friday H.M.
10 Am - Fasting Prayer

Sunday School

Sunday School - Sunday school work in the church parish at every sunday morning at 7.30 am.
A total of 85 pupils are studying in this sunday school. Besides bible classes different kinds of competitions and examination are conducted. Winners part take in the District level and Diocesan level competitions. Refreshments are given to children at the sunday school.
V.B.S. is conducted every year in mid-summer at the church. About 150 children attend with
about 20 teachers.

7.30Am - P.K. Kurian Hall

AREA PRAYER - First Saturday - 3.30 Pm
Sponsoring of Missionaries & Financial Support to MissionWork.
Medical Aid - Regard to church members
Educational Aid - Regard to church members
Distribution of Vegetable Seeds & Organic Manure
Support to Educational Institutions - Lower Primary & High Schools.
House Visit
Hospital Visit
Project for Construction and repairing of house
Parish Hall The church has two parish halls. The Henry Baker Hall provides an accommodation
for 1000 people for food. Kitchen, Parking,Water facility are comfortably available. For Hall
booking contact the Vicar. The Hall is available both for church members and for public.
P.K. Kurian Hall is for use of church members. It holds about 300 people. In both Halls chairs
and tables are provided.


Cemetry is close to the church. It has a common vault with 36 cells. Cemetry is neatly and
well kept.
Schools -  The church has an High School and two L.P. Schools.
C.M.S. High School Olassa,


C.M.S. L.P.S. Olassa


Prayer Hall


Out - Stations

The church has three out-stations
1. C.S.I. Christ Church - Kompanal
2. St. Philips C.S.I. Church, Poonkasserrry
3. Holy Trinity C.S.I. Church, N. Chengalam


Choir participation in all church services X’mas carol service is conducted on December 24’ every year.
Choir Master - Abraham Mathai Chandy
Assistant Choir Master - Anil Kuruvilla Mani
Choir Secretary - Smrithi Mary Many
Joint Secretary - Ciril John Kurian
Choir Treasurer - M.K. Mani
Choir Organist - Thomas P. Jacob

Womens Fellowship

Women’s Fellowship is conducting Prayer Fellowship meetings in the Olassa Prayer Hall
on Wednesdays afternoon and at church Fasting Prayer on Fridays. Women’s Fellowship very
actively takes part in the Bethel Day and St. Monica’s Day and give their contribution yearly.
Secretary - Sosamma Mathew Waliaveettil.

Youth Movement

Youth Movement has been revived now. As apart of their activities they launched publishing a magazine named "LOGOS", once in every three months.